With both feet on the ground in life. Being a woman, feeling feminine

We human beings are all special, women are perhaps very special. We are there – just for you, for your normal standard care and for your individual treatment.

Cancer prevention for all women and in all phases of life is very important. You should be aware that you, as a woman, are worth it. We take time for careful examinations which are made individually for you and they should take place yearly or half-yearly.

In addition to that we feel responsible for your feminine issues. For those with menstrual cycles or sex desire, for fungus infections or a burning feeling, for contraception and a wish for children, for stomach or breast pain and for everything else that you would like to come to us with. Your well-being is very important for us – because good health needs a feeling of well-being.

We explain our examination results to you carefully, that you can understand what is happening to you and so that you have the opportunity to decide about your health and to actively support it.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention is very important. In Germany we have a wide and good variety of early examinations to detect cancer illness. Early diagnosis makes it possible for us to heal cancer completely in a lot of cases today. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to go to cancer prevention examinations on a regular basis.


The theme contraception is for most women, at least for a long phase of their lives, a major issue. Good reliable contraception is basic for a good, satisfying sex life. The possibilities of different contraceptive methods are as varied as the individual woman herself. We can assist and advise you in this jungle of possibilities. Starting with the pill to intrauterine contraceptives, which need very few hormones, to the non-hormonal contraceptives, there are a lot of methods and they all have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. We can discuss the different opportunities with you and we will help you to find the right way for yourself.

A wish for children

Sometimes it takes a lot of time and even though everything seems to be in order you don’t get pregnant. The reasons for this are very varied – you are not alone with this. About 10 – 15% of couples who wish to have children in Germany don’t get pregnant. Although, the time between wishing to have children and getting pregnant is often incorrectly presumed.

Of course, some women become pregnant after 2 – 3 months or haven’t quite finished with the pill and they are pregnant already. But a time period of a year should be calculated for a pregnancy to occur. If it still hasn’t happened then, there are a number of examinations and treatments which can lead to a pregnancy. We can help you with this.

Before a pregnancy

You are planning to have a child – great! What do you have to care before that? Honestly, very little. Just pay a visit to your gynaecologist or general practitioner with your vaccination card and look at it together. Maybe you need to get an extra vaccination or a booster. If you are planning to become pregnant you should start taking folic acid. Folic acid limits the risk of Spina Bifida in children, as well as other ailments. Lead a healthy life, before getting pregnant stop smoking – that’s it.

Problems with menstruation

These problems even start sometimes before the bleeding - and nobody needs it. The symptoms are as colourful as a chameleon; breast pain, tenseness, reduced performance before the bleeding starts, stomach pain or cramps during bleeding, sometimes even back pain. You can get improvement with old traditional treatments or mild sport. But if you have a lot of strong pain and symptoms we are there to help you. We can detect serious diseases or abnormalities which can be a cause of such symptoms and we will find a possibility for you to deal better with menstruation.

Patient’s Tip

Zu langer – zu kurzer Zyklus

The standard cycle is – 28 days from the start of the period bleeding to the first day of the next period bleeding. But humans are humans, you find machines in the kitchen! There are differences between people. So don’t drive yourself crazy! A cycle of 25 – 32 days almost always depends on the individual and is not about an illness or abnormality.

If the cycle is fairly regular and only differs by 1 – 3 days you don’t need to do anything about it.

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